Be Nice and FTP or I am not interested in your business

Running a business has its ups and downs. One of the rules that I have set for our company is simple: Don’t do business with customers who are not willing to “Follow the Process”/FTP and in many cases are rude and condescending. . Let me explain who they are. Every once in a while, you will find these entitled, rude and lazy people who think that just because they are testing your product as a potential customer, they own you. No, sorry. They don’t respect your company and product’s process of sales, support etc and want immediate answers to every little question they have on the fly. When you try and explain that it doesn’t work that way, they get worse and start telling you how “you don’t know how to run a business and this shows poorly on your customer service”.

I love telling those folks “Sorry we are not a good fit for you and I understand. I wish you all the best”. A lot of them get confused and ask “you are willing to lose my business?” or some even are so surprised to ask “You don’t want money???”. The answer is : “Yes, we don’t want your money” and I try to be as professional as possible when I tell them that.

Btw, I am not talking about difficult customers who just need more hand-holding or support. I am totally ok with that. Our team goes out of their way to help customers as much as possible if they genuinely struggle but are respectful and understand the process. I am also not saying to be a snowflake and be offended at every little thing a customer says BUT do not ever deal with people who are disrespectful to you. That’s a sign that they will always be like that and you will not be able to do a long-term business with them. Being upset in general is ok if you are upset about the situation but never ever let a customer bully you directly.

So next time a customer sends you a rude email , politely ask them: Did you FTP ?

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