My Reading List for 2019

Running a Company is no joke. Learning how to be an effective leader is really the key to success. I have never been much of a Book Reader but I watched a video on youtube that lists 11 ways to be a successful leader/CEO and one of those was “read books”. I began searching for a list of good books specifically designed for CEOs or leaders (not just a manager) and so far, I have found the following [0]:

  • Being the Boss by Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback
  • Measure what matters, John Doerr

  • Who, Geoff Smart

  • Why we sleep, Matthew Walker

  • The hard thing about hard things

  • Radical Candor

  • Lean In

  • Predictable Revenue / Impossible to Inevitable

  • Sales Management Simplified

  • New Sales Simplified

  • Lean Product Playbook

Even if I get through 2-3 of these books in 2019, I will be happy 🙂


[0] Recommendations based on a reddit post about CEOs

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