I am an optimist who likes to see the glass as half full than half empty. I have a great family, some awesome friends and overall a life that I am happy about.

I am a Tech. Entrepreneur. I quit my job to try something different.I love bootstrapping businesses, technology and education. Currently running a Booststrapped Software business and hoping to keep growing.

In my past life, I worked in Investment Banking/Finance for 10+ years as a Technologist. I learned a lot about Capital Markets Industry and worked/consulted at many Fortune 100 clients including Deutsche Bank, HSBC Bank, The World Bank, Fannie Mae, Genworth Financial. But my biggest achievement ? Undoubtedly the smart and brilliant people I worked with over the years and the network I built over time with them.

I take pride in doing what I do. The best accomplishment I have is an excellent network of people who can vouch for me anytime. I am always happy to meet and talk to new people. If you want to reach out, feel free to send me an email at yash.chandra through google email.

You can also see my linkedin profile here.