2021-10-28 16:23:39 +0000 UTC · 4 Min read Open-Source

Top 4 Hiring Mistakes I made over the years

Over the past 7 years of running my own business, I have hired and fired/lost people along the way. As of April 2021, we are a bootstrapped team of 20+ full time and a few part time/freelancers in our network. We have a good mix between in person and remote team members. Hiring is one of the hardest things one could do as a founder/CEO and I m sharing some of the biggest mistakes I made over the years that cost time and money along with plenty of headaches:

  • Hired someone for the wrong job
  • Hired without checking background and references
  • Hired even when my Gut said something is wrong or saw red flags in the interview
  • Hired for a job that required real experience but I was naive to think a newbie could be trained in that.
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